SonarCloud doesn't update job status on GitHub

I’m using SonarCloud with Travis CI integration (Travis uploads Sonar report and it triggers SonarCloud job to work) on GitHub. Some times it happens that SonarCloud inspection initially fails for some reason, for example, it detects hardcoded password somewhere in the code. Then I go to SonarCloud and mark these warnings as “Resolved” or “Won’t fix” or “False positive”. SonarCloud resolves issues and says that everything is “green”. I expect that SonarCloud will go and update the job status on GitHub in the linked PR. SonarCloud updates its message in the PR, but not job status. And I have no other way to unblock this PR, other than just pushing an empty commit to re-trigger jobs. “Re-run” jobs button doesn’t help. Even restarting all Travis jobs doesn’t help. It’s really annoying. My current workaround is terrible because it creates another redundant commits that make history dirty. Is there a way to force SonarCloud to update its jobs?

Hi Andrey,

The expectation is that your PR status and message get updated when you update issues in SonarCloud.
Would it be possible for you to share an example with me (privately if required).


Hi Alex! Thank you for your reply.

It happens from time to time in the private repo on GitHub so I can’t share it with you. Moreover I’ve already pushed an empty commit to re-trigger SonarCloud. Next time when it will happen, what info do I need to share with you?

Oh gosh, it happens each time, it’s really annoying.

See, Sonar updated its own message and it shows that everything is green. But for some reason it doesn’t update job status.

That’s what it shows in the job status:

But all these issues were already resolved in the SonarCloud UI!