SonarCloud Code Analysis Taking longer than expected in a GitHub PR

We have configured Sonarcloud in such a way that when a PR is raised in GitHub, Sonarcloud check triggers automatically. But form last few weeks we are experiencing longer duration for the Sonarcloud status check even though the status check is mentioned as passed in the Sonarcloud UI.

Hey there.

Are you using Automatic Analysis or CI-based analysis? How long does it take for the check to finally come through (assuming it does finally make it).

We are having Automatic Analysis, that means if any PRs are raised to default branch the analysis triggers. Usually it was taking only few seconds, but now it’s taking more than 10 minutes.


This could come from a few sources (longer analysis time, longer background task processing…)

I will get in touch for some private details.



We’re seeing very similar behaviour. We’re using automatic analysis, we’re seeing delays of 10-15 mins to actually start the scan. The scan itself takes seconds.


@DuncSmith Are you encountering same issues.