SonarCloud Code Analysis Stuck on Github Actions

Hello folks, In my Github repository I set the SonarCloud Code Analysis but it is stuck for days, my GH workflow never completes.

I have a Jenkins pipeline which runs the sonarscanner and send the outputs to sonar cloud (everything is ok here, my project report is present on sonar cloud), afterwards I did hope SonarCloud Code Analysis could catch those informations from sonarCloud and set my PR as Failed or Success according with sonar cloud report status.

This is my GH action current status after 2 days:

SonarCloud Code Analysis** Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

Hey there.

Is your project bound?

Yes it’s bound, I have other projects working normally on the same org.

But yesterday I noted an odd situation, even w/o set this GitHub action on my repository sometimes it shows up as failed or success according with sonar report, what is great, because that’s exactly what I need, on the other hand if I add this GitHub action I got stuck.

The problem was the wrong sonar.scm.revision number, I fixed it and now it’s ok.

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