SonarCFamily no issues only duplicate code


(Tom) #1

Using SonarQube 7.4 developer edition with SonarCFamily 5.1.1.
I have followed the instructions here to try to do analysis of a C++ /C# project on a TFS build agent.

I believe I have done this correctly as the log shows “INFO: Using build-wrapper output: C:\agent\sonar\bw_output\build-wrapper-dump.json” and says it has created metadata for all the files I would have expected. However the analysis only shows code duplication and no other issues, I have also purposely put errors in the code.

I have put the output on as verbose debug and there are no errors or warnings.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.


(Loïc Joly) #2

Hello Tom,

Could you share your log with us, as well as the build wrapper files? That would allow us to have a better understanding of what happens.

Thank you,

(Tom) #3


Thanks for getting back to me - I’m slightly uneasy about posting my build wrapper files on the forum - would you be happy for me to share them with you directly ?


(Loïc Joly) #7

For people following this thread, I got some private logs from @tjnashq, that allowed to see that:

From the build-wrapper-dmp.json file, the source code is in: C:\\Agent\\_work\\33\\s\\

But in the analysis log, one can see: 2018-11-28T22:49:40.6174021Z 22:49:40.617 DEBUG: Work directory: C:\agent\_work\34\s\.scannerwork

So this was not the same folder (33 vs 34). I got confirmation from Tom that this was indeed the source of the issue he was having.

That’s all folks!