SonarCFamily cache fully invalidated when running a build

I’m running the latest versions of everything combined with SonarCloud:

SonarQube Scanner
SonarCFamily plugin version:
SonarQube server 8.0.0

Whenever I run a full build (e.g. on CI, but this is also replicable locally), the SonarCFamily cache is fully invalidated with 0 hits, even when just a single non-header file has changed. If I run an incremental build, then the cache works as expected.

Hi @amq,

could you describe a bit more your use case?

Is your build on the same absolute path as the one of the cache? Cache depends on absolute paths of the files.

Actually, yes. The folder structure is:

- project/
-- lib/
-- src/
-- .sonar-cache/
-- .gitignore

The pwd when building and when running sonar-scanner is the project directory.

Hi @amq,

could you please explain what you are doing (either CI or even local you said) and share the logs?