Sonar way quality profile: strict version?

Hello all,

The Sonar way Java quality profile has +/-500 active rules and +/- 1500 inactive rules (SonarQube Developer Edition v10.1). From time to time we think we should review the inactive rules to see which ones are worth adding to a more strict version of the Sonar way default profile for our Java projects, but then we are discouraged by the sheer amount of work of reviewing all the rules and maintaining the custom quality profile. Not once, but for every language we use.

I hope there an easier way to turn on (groups of) rules than reviewing them one by one, that I missed?

But if not, would it possible for SonarSource to make it easier for customers to manage rules? For example, add more strict versions of the Sonar way profiles for customers that strive for a high(er) level of quality?



Hey there.

Those 1500 inactive rules are probably coming from community-supported plugins (Findbugs, PMD, Checkstyle)… and there’s not much we can do about that. The default Sonar Way for Java in SonarQube 10.4 has 162 inactive rules.

More rules don’t necessarily mean higher quality… it just means more rules.

In any case, when browsing the inactive rules of a Quality Profile don’t forget you can Bulk Change after filtering down to a subset of those rules.

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Hi Colin, right, that’s why we have so many inactive rules, got it. Thanks!

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