Sonar users limit GitLab project visibility

I am using SonarQube v9.7.0.61563 (self-managed). I have integrated SonarQube with GitLab (self-managed). The users can log in to SonarQube using GitLab. All projects in SonarQube have been set up using GitLab.

Currently, a logged-in user can view all the projects in SonarQube, even the projects that he is not a member of in GitLab. Is there a way the user can view only those projects that he is a part of in GitLab?

Hey there.

There’s no sync of permissions between SonarQube and the projects created on SonarQube.

It is possible to synchronize group membership with GitLab, which might help you. It sounds like you’ll want to make some (if not all) projects private, and add back permissions from there.