Gitlab entegration to automatically authorize project members to see project source files and browse files

Hi I’m using self-managed sonarqube community edition and gitlab self-managed and I am trying to integrate it with my gitlab account so far by using my personal access token I can run sonarqube analysis by configuring gitlab yaml file and I can see the quality gate results on sonarqube by using my gitlab credential but my other project members can not browse or see the project. And I only want it visible to my project members, not anyone else. I know that I can change project permissions on group-level or user-level. But I have more than one project and different people are working on different projects so I do not want to configure those permissions for each person. Basically if she/he can access that project in gitlab, He/she also should access from sonarqube host.
Could you help me with that problem? Is the reason that I am using community edition or using default gitlab account(not administrator one) to register application?


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It sounds like you need to turn on group synchronization. You’ll need to manually create the groups in SonarQube, but after that, I think you should be good.


Thanks for replying.
Isn’t it possible to using it in a way like “if she/he can access that project in gitlab, He/she also should access the project from sonarqube host.” without creating group configuration in gitlab or sonarqube. I only need to extract members of project and only they should access the project on sonarqube.


You only have to create the groups in SonarQube; you don’t have to populate them. That’s what group synchronization does. As each person logs in, her group membership will be copied from the source - GitLab in this case - into SonarQube groups with the same names.

If you have a huge number of groups, you could maybe automate their creation using web services. And BTW, the best way to master the API is to perform the desired action via the UI and eavesdrop to see which calls the UI made to accomplish the action.

Does that help?