Sonar Scanning error

Hi Team,

When i do sonar scanning i get this error saying .json file was found empty, could someone help to resolve it.

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Are you building using the build wrapper?


Yes building with build wrapper


Have you checked that the json file is in the bw-output directory mentioned in the configuration?


Hi! I’m working with V’c Krishna. Here is some more information:

I’ve checked the json file is in the bw-output directory. This is what is generated after every build completes:


Here is the call for the build wrapper:

build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe --out-dir c:\rootDirectory\bw-output make -C SRUROM/default -f …/Makefile clean vxWorks.aif

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we are using vxworks 5.5.1? Is there some flag that we might be missing?


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Any comments for @Johnnie post ???

Hi @Johnnie,

To be able to investigate why the produced json file is empty, we would need to have access to the content of the bw-output directory, especially build-wrapper.log. Could you share these files? If you think this file contains private information, let us know, and we’ll send you a private message that will allow you to send it privately.

One of the usual reasons for the empty build-wrapper-dump.json is that the build command passed to build-wrapper (make -C SRUROM/default -f …/Makefile clean vxWorks.aif in your case) is not compiling files, because it is running incremental build. It does not seem to case in your example (there is a clean target), but it may be worth confirming that.

Thanks, Tomasz! A private message to send the log information would be appreciated.

Hello @Johnnie and @V_c_Krishna,

The problem is that we don’t intercept the compiler command ccsh.exe that you are using. Do you know if it is from Green Hills?


I believe this is the command that comes with the Tornado 2.2 compiler for VxWorks. Is there a workaround for this within SonarQube?

Hello @Johnnie,

Tornado supports many compilers, some of which we don’t support (even if we are working on that :slight_smile: ). To figure out what compiler you are using and our status regarding it, I would need further information on ccsh.exe (e.g. from what compiler company it comes from).

I’ve only found information regarding a ccsh.exe from Green Hills. Thus my question.

Is there any way you can find additional info/documentation about it? That would help a lot.



Have you, by any chance, succeeded in getting additional information on the compiler you are using?
Or have you found a workaround?