Sonar scanner not finding any bugs with IAR and makefile

I am using Sonarqube Version 6.7.3, sonar-scanner-, build-wrapper-win-x86-32.exe.
build-wrapper, version 4.6 (win-x86-32)
I am trying to analyse C/C++ which is built using IAR (Embedded Workbench 7.2) and makefiles.

I am doing the following

make clean
build-wrapper-win-x86-32.exe --out-dir ../bw_output make projectName
sonar-scanner contains

     sonar.sources=folder1, folder2

The results are all Code Smells to do with duplications.
There are no bugs which leads me to believe that I’ve made a mistake somewhere!

Also the build-wrapper-dump.json file is virtually empty -


Please advise.

I think I may have solved my own problem.
It seems the wrapper and scanner were older versions that maybe didn’t support IAR.
I’ve updated both and the build-wrapper-dump.json is being populated now.

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