Sonar Scanner CLI freezing at various stages

Hi there,

We are using arm64 AWS Gravitron instances for our GitLab CI runners. We have various pipelines standardized around running the sonar-scanner-cli instance but as that Docker image isn’t available we built it from source using your Dockerfile.

We are experiencing some strange issues with our pipelines when running sonar.

Firstly we are seeing an issue where sonar will get stuck on

INFO: Deploying custom rules bundle jar:file:/builds/redacted/services/.sonar/cache/c8528df5e461867acf060f71702dbe39/sonar-securityjsfrontend-plugin.jar!/js-vulnerabilities-rules-1.0.0.tgz to /builds/redacted/services/.scannerwork/.sonartmp/eslint-bridge-bundle/package/custom-rules13966795317715573431

It will get stuck here and only fail after the job times out after 1 hour. When this happens we can usually restart the CI job and it will then work. Sometimes we have to do it a few times before it will pass this.

The other issue we see is sonar will just log empty logs and also lock up.

We are running Sonar and sonar-scanner

Hey there.

Can you clarify what you mean by “isn’t available”? Is it because there’s no arm64 based image published on DockerHub?

Hi Colin,

Correct, no arm64 image on dockerhub


While we do plan to eventually support arm64 – we should make it clear that we do not test this and it’s not currently supported. While it’s interesting to take note of the behavior, we probably won’t invest time into testing/supporting this architecture until later in the v9.x series.