Running the sonar scanner on ARM64 cpus

We’re moving our CI build pipeline to AWS Graviton instances and as part of the pipeline we need to run the sonar scanner. We have a SonarQube Developer edition running on a Windows instance.

My understanding that sonarqube-scanner does not support arm64 architectures. Is this correct, and if not what alternatives are available to run scans on arm64 instances?

Thank you.


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You should be able to run the scanner anywhere you can run Java. You may be thinking about the fact that the server Docker image previously didn’t support arm64. (But now it does :smiley: )


Hi ganncamp, could you comment this please? I have significant slowing on ARM cpus (1.5 hours on ARM64 and 3 mins on X64 the same config). Maybe this is a known issue?

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Hi @mmospanenko,

This is a tangential topic. Please create a new thread.