Sonar Scanner caching for Bitbucket Pipelines still does not work (2023 ed.)

  • ALM: Bitbucket
  • CI: Bitbucket Cloud
  • Scanner used: both the sonarcloud bitbucket pipe and directly using sonarcloud-scan image
  • Languages: Javascript

Previously: Caching for Sonar-scanner in Bitbucket Pipelines does not work

Atlassian has made no progress here in 3 years: Are caches available in Bitbucket Pipeline pipes?

Are there docs in 2023 for a solution to get sonarcloud-scan to properly cache and respect that cache on subsequent runs?

We’ve been trying SonarCloud for a few months now. We like it a lot, but the 23+ minute scan time in our CI pipeline on every push is unacceptable.

We recognize bitbucket still doesn’t support caching for pipes, but have also tried directly working with the sonarsource/sonarcloud-scan:1.4.0 image within the pipeline in an effort to avoid the ‘pipe middleman’ with no luck.