Sonar scan is hanging after upgrade

Sonarqube scan is getting hanged. We have recently upgraded from opensource version to Developer Edition v 7.9.

[WARNING] Too many duplication references on file
[INFO] CPD calculation finished
[INFO] SCM writing changed lines


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The log snippet you’ve provided does not look like a “hang” to me. You’re merely being warned that duplication detection is incomplete.


There is nothing happening after this… And analysis is not finished or not proceeding
I doubt that Sonar doesn’t like branch naming convention

release/5.0.9 --> Working
release/cadidate/fix_5G_url/2.0 --> hanged

can you point out to me to any documentation for branch analysis except :


Hi @ashu16815

Can you please provide us a bit more context, such as :

  • The version of the Azure DevOps extension that you are using
  • The build technology (maven, gradle, MsBuild, …)
  • Ideally, the task that is failing and it’s corresponding logs (with system.debug=true in the properties)