Sonar Cloud scan timing out on .NET project in Azure DevOps pipeline

This is in an Azure Devops pipeline analyzing a C# Blazor project. This problem surfaced after switching to a new Sonar org. The code analysis step consistently hangs the build, and then times out after an hour. This problem always appears on the same file. First it was on a file called Modal.razor.cs, so we excluded that file, and the scans were more consistently working, but now it is consistently failing on a new file called SourceReferenceCollectionEditor.cs. There is nothing remarkable about either of these files. The potential workaround is excluding this new problem file as well, but it’s likely that it will just happen again on yet another new file. When the scan hangs, it looks like:

Let me know if you need any more information, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Adding: we’re on a paid plan and the org key is karauctionservices.

Hi @joelp and @jcgould ,

We deployed today a fix related to the scanner behavior when blaming files.
Could you please have a look and tell me if the situation improved?


Hi Claire. Yes it seems to be working consistently now. Thank you!

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