Sonar Rule Added "Subscribe Deprecated"

In recent past, we are getting the below code smells in PRs across the subsystem, It fails the quality gate of the PR.

’subscribe’ is deprecated. Use an observer instead of a complete callback

This rule set suddenly interrupting the “ts” files.
Until yesterday we did not get this kind of rule impact.

In our app, we have used this “subscribe” method more than 100 instance.

Replacing all those will be a huge task. Hence requesting to disable the appropriate rule which added recently.

Quick response is appreciated.

This suddenly started happening, how can I upvote this

I am having the same issue with angular typescript

@saberduck : any idea?


Same here with Angular + Typescript

I think this is related to and not actually a newly added rule.

Typescript Version 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 (I think) have an issue regarding deprecation warnings that was fixed in 4.2.4.
So the question would be what TypeScript Version is SonarQube using?

We currently run a SonarQube 8.8. Could you tell which TypeScript Version is bundled there and which one is bundled in 8.9?

This seems to be the same issue