Sonar Qube Community Edition hosting Requirements

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We are using SonarQube Community Edition 8.9 and we’re hosting it on Azure App Service Plan S1(1.75GB RAM 2Cores).
We notice that in idle condition the CPU and memory consumption of SonarQube is around 80%.
Is this the default behavior?
What are the recommended app service plan tiers for hosting SonarQube for a small team of 4 devs with less than 50K Lines of Code .
We’re looking to use SonarQube CE with a focus on cost optimization. Any suggestions on reduction of cost of hosting will be greatly appreciated


Hi Abhishek,

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I just spun 8.9, Community Edition up and ran it for a while & didn’t see that kind of consumption. SonarQube uses multiple processes. Can you try to identify which processes are consuming these resources?