Sonar.qualitygate property not working

i am using sonarqube version 6.7 LTS

i am giving sonar.qualitygate=“Test” Test is a customized quality gate defined but my qualitygate is giving error as None

that means sonar.qualitygate property is not working

can you please help me how to give qualitygate

The list of valid analysis parameters for your version can be found here:

sonar.qualitygate is not one of them (deprecated and removed a long time ago).

Feel free to assign the Quality Gate to the project in SonarQube itself

thanks for your response
sonar.leak.period is also deprecated that is also not working in 6.7LTS version
i gave in sonarproject properties file

but it is not working it is taking default global BASELINE

Hi @adithya_kambhampati,

You’ve already created a brand new thread for this new question, so let’s consider this thread closed.


ok, thanks!!

sonar.qualitygate is deprecated , what is the alternate to define custom quality gate through code and not from the UI?


You can use the same web services that feed the UI. You’ll find a link to the on-board documentation in the footer of every page.