Sonar-plugin-api-7.9.1.jar (shaded: -> update

When I enable the owasp checker I recived this:

Filename: sonar-plugin-api-7.9.1.jar (shaded: | Reference: CVE-2018-10237 | CVSS Score: 5.9 | Unbounded memory allocation in Google Guava 11.0 through 24.x before 24.1.1 allows remote attackers to conduct denial of service attacks against servers that depend on this library and deserialize attacker-provided data, because the AtomicDoubleArray class (when serialized with Java serialization) and the CompoundOrdering class (when serialized with GWT serialization) perform eager allocation without appropriate checks on what a client has sent and whether the data size is reasonable.

Is this a security risk? Should you/will you update this dependency?

Hi Jan,

Thanks for reporting this.
We had a look at it and SonarQube is not really affected by this vulnerability. We don’t plan update the dependency for the LTS.