Sonar on kubernetes dies, because?

Hi folks,
I am trying to run Sonarqube ( on a local Kubernetes cluster. Problem is, it starts one pod, but it dies with error 143. No further details.

See for additional infos. I am not sure if this is the right issue tracker, so please excuse posting this twice.

Every insightful comment is highly appreciated

Hey there @harridu

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for something like this the issue tracker of the helm chart that you referenced would be the right place to go, but i know this chart as well so maybe i can help as well.
do you still have access to the logs PV? there should be a es.log file in there with the reason why the pod did crash. i assume that the sysctl settings did not executed correctly

EDIT: while you are in the PV, please post all logs in there. could also be the database connection

That turned out to be a resource issue. The purpose of #442 was to make the sonarqube chart more user friendly wrt error messages, esp since elasticsearch is involved. Shouldn’t elastic search go to its own container? Shouldn’t it log on stdout?

Glad you got that solved out.

The Helm chart is not in our hand, so i suggest to talk to the maintainers of the helm chart that you used, and for the logs: depending on how you invoke sonarqube, all logs go to stdout AND to the specified log files. The log files are grouped after each process which makes them easier to read and this is why we recommend creating a volume for the log files.

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