Sonar-maven-plugin: Validation Warning

The latest version of sonar-maven-plugin is When using Maven 3.9.2, maven.plugin.validation is automatically performed and generates a warning. In verbose mode, the following details are provided:

[WARNING] * org.sonarsource.scanner.maven:sonar-maven-plugin:
[WARNING] Plugin issue(s):
[WARNING] * Plugin depends on the deprecated Maven 2.x compatibility layer, which may not be supported in Maven 4.x

Feedback from maven-users mailing list is…

Do not rely on maven-compat, as if you do, it means your plugin is Maven2 plugin
technically (you depend on Maven3’s Maven2 compatibility layer)

I cannot see an issue for this logged in Sonarsource JIRA.


Hello @msymons,

Thanks for noticing this. Yes we indeed should get rid of this dependency to be compatible with Maven 4.

Here is the ticket: [MSONAR-195] - Jira


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