Sonar Community Highlights, July 8 - July 14

Hello Sonar Community!

This community is a joint effort between Sonar (us) and you, the members. It’s a place many of you come for help making the most of Sonar offerings. And on our side, Sonar gets a lot out of it too. Your feedback and participation are tremendously valuable to us, and we’d like to start doing a better job of acknowledging that. So for this week we’d like to explicitly thank:

Rule feedback:

General product improvements

Keeping the lights on:

This is our first Community roundup – we may have missed something. We still value your contribution!

Feel free to leave your own kudos below – whether it’s another community member or SonarSourcer who helped you out this week, or you want to thank all the users we listed above for improving our ecosystem.

Ann & Colin