Sonar Lint with VS code for Custom Apex Rule

Hi Team,

Have been trying to build a Custom Apex Rules set for Salesforce in VS code using Sonar Lint.
I have my custom jar which works fine on Sonar Qube. Bt i am not able to use the same in VS code .
Can someone please tell me if any conversion or any additional details are needed.



As far as I know, SonarSource Apex analyzer doesn’t provide an API to write custom rules. So I don’t really know how you implemented your rules, but it probably falls under the “third party” analyzer classification, and SonarLint is not designed to execute third party analyzers.

True, I have my custom Apex rule jar for Sonar Qube and i want to use the same in Sonar lint as well with only few tweaks to make it work on VS code as well.

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