Sonar Lint does not work when SonarQube is configured authenticate with HTTP headers


(Marvin) #1

Hello together,

we observe the following Problem with SQ version ( 6.7.1 ) and Sonar Lint for Eclipse (but it can be reproduced without Sonar Lint).

Our SonarQube is running behind a proxy and is configured to authenticate users based on the “X-Forwarded-User” and “X-Forwarded-Groups”, … Headers (Thanks for implementing that by the way). This works perfectly fine for the Web-UI, but sadly not when Sonar Lint is used.

We’ve analyzed all the logs and there is basically only one request which is made by Sonar Lint. It requests “sonarqube/api/authentication/validate” which returns with Status 200, so we do not have a connection issue here. We checked what “sonarqube/api/authentication/validate” returns and here is the probable bug. If you visit the Web-UI first, a “JWT-Session” cookie is set and “sonarqube/api/authentication/validate” will return {“valid”:true} if the cookie is set. But if you remove all cookies and access “sonarqube/api/authentication/validate” directly as it is done by Sonar Lint, it returns {“valid”:false}.

The only “workaround” we’ve found is the following one: Our Proxy only accepts basic-auth, so we configure Sonar Lint to use a username + password to pass the proxy. If we now remove the automatically created user and add it manually again while setting the password to the one our proxy accepts, it works…

It would be great if you could help us out here :slight_smile:

Thank you and best regards,


(Julien Lancelot) #3

Hi Marvin,

I don’t understand exactly what is your problem, as you need to use a user token or a login/password in SonarLint in order to connect it to SonarQube.
Have you correctly set it in SonarLint ?

About api/authentication/validate, it will either return true when the request contains the BASIC authorization header (user token or login/password), or when a JWT session exists in the HTTP request ()this last feature should not be used in the case of SonarLint).

Julien Lancelot

(Marvin) #5

Hello Julien and thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

let me try to explain it a little bit more detailed: So with SQ 6.7( or even earlier ?) you’ve integrated the “web.sso.login” feature. That feature allows me to set a proxy in front of my SQ instance and let the proxy handle the authorization. If the proxy says “Okay, I know that user” it will configure several headers (e.g. X-Forwarded-User=Marvin) and will forward it so SQ. SQ will detect that header if “web.sso.login” is set to “enabled”.

This works perfectly for a normal web-access, but NOT for SonarLint.

In my example my proxy accepts basic-auth, so I need to configure the user and the password for my proxy in SonarLint (e.g. User: MarvinProxyUser Password: SecretPassword)

Than SonarLint is connecting to the Server through my proxy who sets the headers.

And now the bug is, that api/authentication/validate does not care about the headers. It will only check for basic auth or the JWT token as you mentioned.

Hope that makes it more clear :slight_smile:

Best regards

(Marvin) #6

Any idea about this problem? :confused: