Sonar-Kotlin-Plugin: where to find the corresponding source code with packages published in mvn repo

Dear All,

I found the latest kotlin plugin package from mvn repo, but its source code doesn’t contain all the modules like slang-api etc.

And the Github releases is only holding releases till 2018.

Please could you suggest where I can get the source code of slang corresponding to the version

I need this source code base to compile slang-antlr which is not shipped within sonar-kotlin-plugin, and built with the latest slang source code myself encountered another issue pending help in another thread now Sonar-Kotlin-Plugin: some slang-api classes are missing in the built jar file, while they are there in the slang-api.jar

Hello @testmynamelist,

Since SonarQube 8.5, individual plugins are no longer released separately from SonarQube.
We deliver the plugins (analyzers) bundled in SonarQube and we take care of all necessary dependencies.
So if you want the latest Kotlin analyzer the best would be to upgrade. We can’t recommend you to build the plugin yourself. Even if you succeed and it seems to run OK (clearly a possibility) it would not be an official one and who know if its integrity would be ensured.


Thanks Olivier, in this case, is there a way I can get the corresponding source code against an official Kotlin analyzer version?

I am developing a custom kotlin plugin actually, and I need the slang-antlr to do my unit test, but the official Kotlin analyzer doesn’t bundle slang-antlr, and the slang-antlr I have built is using the latest slang master source, that’s why I am building it myself.

Currently I am still under investigation-and-trial stage, in the future I will surely use the official one.


You should have access to everything you need from


Thanks Olivier. however it doesn’t tag new releases since version 1.2…

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