SLang common-analyzer question (sonar-ruby-plugin and Sonargo)


Question regarding source code version control.

Since sonar-ruby-plugin and Sonargo are subcomponents of Slang, if I download the latest version of Slang source code ( ); How can I correlate sonar-ruby-plugin version 1.5.0 (build 315) or Sonargo 1.6.0 (build 719) with the SLang common-analyzer latest version?
In other words, How can I just get the source code that belongs to a specific version?

Hello Omar,

Would it be possible to know for what reason you would like to do that?

We ship latest versions of these analyzers with all the latest versions of our products, and they are supposed to already use latest working version of SLang.


We keep track of the version of all the plugins. We have a production server and an acceptance server. We normally install the latest version of SonarQube along with the recommended version of the plugins.
Sometimes we need to troubleshoot errors and we want to make sure we are dealing with the right version of the plugin.

Okay, well, the SLang common engine has not been modified much between each latest version of these plugins. Consequently, aligning the latest SLang version with the top of each language would not really make a lot of sense.

However, note that we are currently working on the 4 languages relying on SLang, to be included in the next version of SonarQube, and on SonarCloud. Their official release should happen very soon.

Now, if you want to follow the changes of versions closer to the code, you can have a look at every time we change this file:

Hope this helps,

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for your support.

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