Sonar integration - Custom plugin integration with rule set written in Python

hi Sonar Team,

we have developed custom code reviewer tool for bpel and mediation flows. The rule set is written in Python. Could you please support to integrate this custom plugin with Sonar.
Any documentation or link would be appreciated.


Did you already develop a SonarQube plugin?
If I understood correctly what you’re trying to achieve, I suggest that you generate a report following the generic issue format expected by SonarQube. That’s probably the easiest approach.

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Hi, I have not developed sonar plugin. I have custom tool that does code review for bpel and mediation flows. The rules are written in Python, can we integrate with sonar and view the results in dashboard.


Hi, also please let me know why sonar is supporting xquery. Is there any way to integrate xquery plugin with sonar to scan the xquery code. Please share any references.

ramyasmruti p

There’s no support for XQuery in SonarQube.

Did you read the documentation about the “generic issue format” which I suggested? That’s the easiest way to get your issues in SonarQube.