SonarQube v6.7 External Issues

Hello everyone,

I’m currently an intern at a Company that is looking to use SonarQube as a way of tracking issues spotted in code. The company has developed a tool that scans code and generates a report in JSON. I’ve been tasked to come up with a way to incorporate the findings from that report into SonarQube.

I know that in version 7.2+ importing of external issues was introduced. I wrote a program that converts the output of the tool developed by our company to the generic issue format required to import into SonarQube. I was recently told that the version of SonarQube the company uses is 6.7.5. Is there any way to achieve importing these issues into SonarQube?

Thank you!


Hey Diar,

Generic Issue Data is indeed only supported in SonarQube v7.2+. For SonarQube v6.7 LTS would need to write a custom plugin to bring in such issues… which brings its own complexity.

Your company might be interested in knowing SonarQube v6.7 LTS is an EOL version of SonarQube, with no support. The minimum supported version of SonarQube is v7.9 LTS (maybe handling the upgrade would make a good internship project? :sunglasses:)


Hi Colin,

Thank you for your response! I’ll pitch the idea to them!

Is the only way to bring in the issues by creating a custom plugin with custom rules? This would probably require writing a custom rule for each type of finding that our tool reports.

Thanks again!


Hi Dair,

Before SonarQube v7.2: yes, and you have to implement RulesDefinition and provide a description of each rule.

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