Sonar Cube Gitlab Access Toke Is Not Valid

I have a paid account in sonarcube. We use Gitlab Ci for automation. I added a new member to my organization with his GitLab account.But if I sign in with him account and try to add new project from repository “The access token used is not valid Reasons: The token is not valid”.Ok I make token Security-> Generate from him account but what I must to do and where put it.

Hello @vladimir_petukhov,

From what I understand is that you have a SonarCloud organization that has two members, you and another person. When this other person tries to import a new project by selecting one from the list that is shown, he is presented with the error The access token used is not valid. Is that correct?

In that case could you navigate to your organization > Administration > Organization Settings > GitLab Connectivity management and check if the token is still valid? If the token is invalid then you will have to generate a new one on Gitlab and update the token on SonarCloud.

If this is not the problem you are describing, could you explain a bit more and share some screenshots?