SonarQube does not accept personal access token value when importing GitLab project as API

I wanted to import the project in the GitLab environment to SonarQube, but I encountered an error. Even though I bought new personal access tokens many times, it didn’t work. I also looked at reference sources for this, but could not find a solution. What exactly is the solution?



Your screenshot looks glitchy. Is that where you’ve tried to obscure sensitive information?

What version of SonarQube are you using? I ask because your screenshot doesn’t look like what I’m seeing in recent versions:


I made the configuration in the same part as the screenshot you showed. If there is a part that is not accepted/filled after refreshing the page, it may have looked different because there was only space for that part, but everything is the same as the screenshot you showed.

SonarQube version:


The screenshot I posted is from the global configuration. The title of this thread is about importing an individual project, which comes after. At what point do you encounter the error.

According to the docs two different tokens are actually needed. A global one for project import with Reporter permissions and api scope authorized. And a project-level one with read_api scope.


I was facing this problem exactly during the project transfer phase, so if the acces token is accepted, the project will be imported. I compared it with many sample projects and documents but could not solve the problem. I had to check the config files and tokens again.