Sonar coverage 0.0%

I am trying to get code coverage details for reactjs project but I am always getting 0.0% as coverage.

Did I missed any configuration?

Please provide your SonarQube and Scanner configuration (properties, installed plugin, etc.).

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,'ve tried many ways but nothing can be done. Is that enough information? Thank you very much

Which tool do you use to generate code coverage report?

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I implemented it in three ways, one is sonar-scanner, one is to directly run the script, and the last is to use Fastlane’s fastlane custom_lane implementation.The results are the same, with no coverage, so I guess some configuration error is possible.Thanks


Analysis doesn’t generate the coverage report. You have to do that first analysis and feed the report into analysis.


We have a useful SonarQube and the code coverage FAQ section on this forum that explains how SonarQube deals with code coverage

Also, you can check our SonarSource Plugins documentation for the specific plugin you are using and see how code coverage gets imported.

For example Swift Coverage Results Import , JavaScript Coverage Results Import etc. Each plugin has such a section

Thanks all for your responses.
I missed the analysis file, that’s why I did not get any progress on sonar report. now its working fine.
Once again thanks all for your help!

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