Sonar Community edition only identifies master branch

Is this following branch issue known with Community edition :

  • versions used (SonarQube Community Edition Version 7.3)
  • error observed - Any branch(other than master) we select for CI from AzureDevOps(VSTS) for sonar analysis, it always shows project used master branch and not the specific branch used during build.

I’ve moved this thread to Get help -> SonarQube as this is not a bug.

Hi @souvikm15,

The analysis of branches and pull requests is available in the Developer Edition. See for more details.


Thanks Julien, so Community edition will ONLY help analyse master branch and not any other DEFAULT branch like develop or any custom branches. As per our expectation(see the code below) Community edition should work against default branch.


To be clear, Community Edition is always going to analyze whatever code you give it as master, regardless of the branch named used in your SCM. To be explicit, this is working as designed.


Was SonarQube changed ‘recently’ to not support multiple branches in the free edition?

Hi @Mat_DeLong,

SonarQube used to offer a sonar.branch analysis parameter which took the provided value and hacked the analyzed project’s key to be mainProjectKey:valueOfBranchParam with the effect of analyzing the branch as an entirely separate project. That parameter was indeed removed “recently” - in 7.8. As you might guess, you can replicate the effect by just passing in a different project key.

That’s the only “branch analysis” that Community Edition ever had.



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Just came across an issue with this in Azure devops. Task *4 does not support multiple branches while *3 did