Default branch not named master in Community Edition

Hi @ganncamp ,

There is no way to have any other name for default branch, than master? We have renamed our default branch and now it seems that I’m not able to use Community edition anymore…

Hi @Jukka_Rankaviita,

Out of curiosity, how did you rename your branch? I’m not finding that in the interface? Also, how is having a renamed branch preventing you from further analysis?


Continuing the discussion from Sonar Community edition only identifies master branch:

Hi @ ganncamp,

Actually, we have set another branch as ‘default’ and master has been removed…

I will get this error, when running analysis:

analysis fails on ##[error]ERROR: Validation of project reactor failed:
o To use the property “” and analyze branches, Developer Edition or above is required. See for more information.


Hi Jukka,

Yes, that’s expected. What happens when you analyze without that parameter?


I don’t have set the Probably issue is in Azure DevOps pipeline task, which we are using. I found this warning from log of ‘Prepare analysis on SonarQube’-task:

2019-09-05T05:10:46.1049213Z ##[warning]Unable to get default branch, defaulting to ‘master’: Error: unable to verify the first certificate

Even branch named ‘integration’ has been set as default:


Seeing your last log, it appears that you have a certificate issue (i don’t if it’s related to the agent of your Azure DevOps Server instance though)

Could you please check this documentation and let us know ?

And check that you are using all up-to-date tasks and agent version.

Thanks !

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Azure DevOps :frowning: - Check the version of the task you are using. I came across this issue using Version #4