Sonar community - Analyze only new code

Hi !

I’m working with sonarqube community version couple years ago .

We want decrease analisys time just analizing new code from pull request, could by this posible with sonarqube 7.9.x or I have to move to the latest version for ‘New Code Period’ feature?

Hey there.

In the v9.x series of SonarQube we are working hard on increasing the speed of analysis, which includes (for some languages) being able to skip files that haven’t changed (either since the last analysis, or in the context of a pull request).

In any case, these features are only starting to be made available in the v9.x series (the latest supported version is v9.5), and aren’t available in v7.9. You should upgrade as soon as possible.

Out of curiosity – what languages are you analyzing?

Hi !

I’m analizing a bounch of lenguages like (java, python, .net, ect…)