Sonar Cloud not picking sql or xml files

Dear Team,

I am trying to set Sonar Cloud Analysis as part of the maven build in an azure pipeline. Sonar Cloud has successfully analysed all the java binaries and I can see the analysis reports for the respective classes in Sonar Cloud .But I would also like to add .sql and .xml files for the analysis. And these files do not reside in the Main directory rather they are situated at different folder levels(we have specific release folders and SQL files for these releases are present within this folder).

Can you please help to identify the right parameter to let Sonar cloud to include .sql and xml files as well for analysis. I have attached the logs in debug mode too.
SonarCloudAnalysisResults.txt (14.2 MB)

Dear Team,

Could you kindly help me with this at the earliest.

Thanks in advance

Dear Team,

Could you please help me with this query.

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