Sonacloud in azure devops using sonarcloud extension and docker build

Hi everyone

I have a dotnet project in azure devops which has a docker build. I tried installing sonarcloud extension and integrate sonarcloud into the project. When I use normal dotnet .sln build in between sonar prepare task and sonar analyze task everything works fine. But i want to use docker build in between these sonar prepare task and analyze task. I don’t want to manually install sonar scanner tool. Because then i couldn’t get default features from sonarcloud like pull request decoration. I want to do this using sonarcloud extension. It would be great can someone suggest how i provide necessary artifacts or configurations files into analyze step to do the analze noramlly. Thank You

Hey there.

These two things aren’t linked. You can still get PR decoration without using the extension for Azure DevOps, however you will need to make sure the proper analysis parameters are configured (sonar.pullrequest.key, sonar.pullrequest.branchandsonar.pullrequest.base`). You can see what variables the extension for azure defvops uses here!