Some Xpath queries are not working

I am facing problem that Xpath query is working fine in PLSQL SSLR. However, it is not giving results on SonarScanner.

Example:- Xpath query "//IDENTIFIER[contains(@tokenValue,‘Hi_’)] is working on both SSLR as well SonarScanner. If I write this query as //BIN_IDENTIFIER/IDENTIFIER[contains(@tokenValue,‘Hi_’)] it is working fine on SSLR but it is not working Sonar Scanner.
So, conclusion is if I write a query initated start with ‘//’ to access the element it is working fine. If, I want to access the element with absolute path or by the case given above it is not working. Thanks

Hi. What is the version of the plugin used in SonarQube server?

Hi Felipe,

We are using PL/SQL 2.2.0.

You’re using my plugin in the SonarQube server, but you’re running the SSLR toolkit from the SonarSource product. :slight_smile:

Please download the SSLR toolkit from If you need more assistance, open an issue here.

By the way, I renamed it in version 2.3.0 to avoid this kind of confusion, sorry about that.

Dear Felip,

Many Thanks for the resolution. I have downloaded the said SSLR toolkit version. When I open source file it is displaying error. Hence, I need to see, how this error can be sorted out.

To validate if I am using the correct combination of toolkit and SQ server I used another file and it did not cause any problem. Also, XPATH query worked fine in custom rule. Hence, this ticket can be closed.
Many Thanks for your support.