Setup with GitHub and Azure Pipelines not possible

We have a distributed System where the Code lives on GitHub (Repo & PR) but the Build is done on Azure Pipelines. Also, Jira is used for ticketing.

Is it at all possible to set up this scenario such that all the features work? It seems that the setup is somewhat mutually exclusive between GitHub and Azure and while I get parts of it working, I fail to complete the setup.

When targeting GitHub, I cannot get the code coverage from Azure. When targeting Azure, I cannot get PR integration.

If it is possible at all, please provide me with some pointers on how i can achieve this.


So basically what I need to achieve is to build and analyze a monorepo within azure pipelines, get distinct projects on sonar cloud and integrate it all with GitHub.

Hi @STA welcome to the community.

So first of all and no matter what, the general rule is to login on SonarCloud and create your project from the identity provider “where your code is hosted”. So for you it will be GitHub.

Then afterward, you have the possibility to create multiple “monorepo” project from a repository using the option provided on the right pane when you import a new repository

See the option here “Setup a monorepo”
Screenshot from 2021-09-30 15-45-54

For your coverage issue then, it would be preferable to have a log on one execution (preferably in debug) to see what’s wrong.


Thank you for your response Mickaël. I can probably give it another go next week and i will give an update here.

It seemed to me that the selection vanishes once one or the other is chosen as aprovider, as seen in this screenshot:

You shouldn’t take that option into account. If you setup a GitHub project via its import from a repository, there’s nothing left to do, the PR decoration should happen automagically.

So I finally got around to give this another try.
I started out as you said.

1. Analyze new Project → From GitHub (single project repository for now)
2. Azure Pipelines is not an option → I guess the ‘other’ CI tools is the most correct
3. Generate personal token and use as SONAR_TOKEW → The sonar executable is wrong…
4. Proceeded with azure pipeline task for now → needs replacement to work in docker later

Note: I see that my trial period ended and i cannot select the correct project…