GitHub Repo and Azure Pipelines as CI for .Net projects

We have repos in GitHub for all of our .net projects and we are using Azure Pipelines for CI and CD purpose. We have purchased SonarCloud annual license. We are confused. How do we get started? Should we create Sonar Organization by signing to GitHub or by signing to Azure DevOps? We want to add sonar analysis as part of our CI build and add some quality gates to mark build pass or failed depending upon the quality gate output. Please let us know best practices around this scenario. Thanks in advance.

Hi @santaji and welcome to the community !

The key thing here is “Singup on SonarCloud with the ALM identity provider where your codebase is.” , so, for you, it will be GitHub.


Thanks @mickaelcaro
As suggested by you we tried to connnect the github org to soanrcloud but not able to it. i have created another topic, it would be of great help if you can provide some insights into it.

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