Setting up SonarQube with standalone Agent in AZDO

Hello Sonar Community!

I’m trying to setup SonarQube in Azure DevOps Pipeline with separate stage using separate agent (differ than the build agent). So, with this setup this is what I have in my stage:

  1. SonarQube Preparation task
  2. Download published Build Artifacts (download location: System.ArtifactsDirectory) task
  3. Then run the SonarQube Analyze task

With this setup, it’s not doing anything, wondering if I can achieve SonarQube setup with this way. The reason I like to have setup this way is, I need to separate out SonarQube agent and Build agent since there are lots of dependencies for the build agent in various repos.

SonarQube version:10.1 Enterprise version.
SonarQube Extenson version: 5.15.0

Any leads/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hey there.

This is something that’s just not supported.

The only dependency for the Scanner should be Java… what other depenencies are getting in the way of doing it all in one?

We have multiple projects that we need to have variety of tools they would require to build them out. And the agent machine not being able to keep up with them. That’s the reason we wanted to separate out the SonarQube dedicated agent from other projects.