Setting sonar.exclusions in sonar-project.propert does not exclude files in SonarCloud

My open source project codemodder uses SonarCloud via Github Actions to scan our python code. We have one directory we’d like SonarCloud to ignore, tests/samples/. However, while we added a while ago, we noticed those files are still getting analyzed and flagged in our main branch analysis.

I’ve poured over your docs, even looked for trying to set this simple thing up in the UI, but nothing works. I even made a PR where I iterated, but none of these work:

# trial 1

# trial 2

# trial 3

# trial 4
sonar.sources = src/
sonar.tests = tests/, integration_tests/

I really just want to get this really simple thing to work. Did I miss something really basic?

You’re using automatic analysis, which uses a file.

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