Project lines of code not changed when adding file

We introduced a repo to Automatic Analysis and got a full report of all the files in the code base. We now want to filter that down to only the “relevant” files in the code base, and have added a file to the root of the repo with the following:


# Exclusions for copy-paste detection

But even after that’s been merged into the main branch and run a few times from other changes, the line count in the Code tab under the exclusions dir are still calculated.
It’s not just the lines of code, but also the Bugs, and Code Smells, etc that are still contributing

Hello @jeff-knurek,

Please have a look at this page.
To exclude all files in a specific folder and it’s subfolders you will have to use **/* at the end, so in your case:


# Exclusions for copy-paste detection

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