Selection On SonarQube Version


(Omer Rasheed) #1


Please suggest me which version of SonarQube is compatible for Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Edition for code analysis.

I have used following SonarQube versions

  1. sonarqube-7.3 along-with sonar-scanner-msbuild- Or sonar-scanner-msbuild-
  2. sonarqube-7.5 along-with sonar-scanner-msbuild- Or sonar-scanner-msbuild-

but build doesn’t succeed and not code analysis generated. I have successfully run the SonarQube but still not able to perform Sonar-Scanner MSBuild as MSBuild version able libraries support are 14 or 15 but not 12.

I am looking forward for a prompt response.

Thanks in advance.

(Amaury Levé) #2

Hi @omer,

SonarLint for Visual Studio only supports VS 2015+. SonarC# and the Scanner for MSBuild only support MSBuild 14+.

I am afraid you won’t be able to use our products for your versions of MSBuild/Visual Studio.


(Omer Rasheed) #3

Hi Amaury,

Thank you for the feedback. I addition to above, I am using SonarQube community addition currently. Is there any specific version I can use for VS 2013.


(Amaury Levé) #4

As I said you cannot use our products for this version of Visual Studio.

(Omer Rasheed) #5

Thank you