Seeing SonarLint typescript output in build

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Not connected to SonarCloud, but in the process of evaluating / setting it up.

Is it possible to see all sonarlint code smells, vulnerabilities etc as warnings in VS code in any way other than when looking inside an individual file. For example the Sonar analyzer nuget package for .net will output any issues as warnings during the build, can I achieve anything similar for typescript / javascript / html / css.

Hi @Jacko

This is currently not possible in VSCode to analyze the entire project. In our mind, analyzing a full project is a better mission for SonarQube or SonarCloud.

Let’s imagine SonarLint for VSCode would let you analyze your entire project with a command. There will likely be a lot of reported issues, especially if you have a big legacy project. I’m not convinced the VSCode problems panel would be good enough to browse/manage/prioritize all those issues.
Also, we are not encouraging developers to fix all issues on their projects, but instead clean as you code.

If you have use cases in mind where you think it will be useful for a developer to dump the list of all issues of a project, please share, and we will certainly use your input to influence the product roadmap.

Thanks for the feedback!

@Julien_HENRY we use the sonar analyser nuget package for .net and outputting warnings with a ref to the file and line number works really well for us. It’s a shame we can’t do the same for clientside code. We add exclusions to the editorconfig file and we now treat all warnings as compilation errors. So there’s only new warnings when we add new code but it gets picked up before PR.