Secret Key Use?

Currently under Version 10.0. Trying to determine if our SonarQube server is using a Secret Key.
From the documentation it states that a Secret Key is located on the SonarQube server at: ~/.sonar/sonar-secret.txt or at a location defined in the file using sonar.secretkeyPath. Our file does not have any reference to “sonar.secretKeyPath” or anything close to that. Also, there is no sonar-secret.txt file found at ~/.sonar or anywhere else on the SonarQube Server. With all that being stated, does that mean we are Not using a Secret Key? Any way else to determine it?

Hey there.

Judging by your next post, I assume you managed to set one?

If there’s no * ~/.sonar/sonar-secret.txt* file, and no other path set as sonar.secretKeyPath, it’s safe to say you weren’t using one.