Search for my issues in every branch


This is the third attempt to get help about SonarQube Developer/Enterprise edition (previous attempts: 52600, 53385). This IS NOT about the SonarQube Community, I beg you to not close it with “we don’t support the Community Branch plugin” justification.


I would like to know if it is possible, USING THE SONARQUBE DEVELOPER OR ENTERPRISE EDITION, to search for all my issues in ANY branch of ANY project, using the web UI (Issues > Filter menu) or using the web API. I don’t want to go to every project page (there’re dozens) and select every branch (there’re dozens again) to search for my issues. I would like to see my issues list for every branch of every project in the same place.

Is this possible? How?

Thanks a lot and best regards.

Hey there.

As of SonarQube v9.2 you can add multiple branches of a project in a Portfolio (Enterprise Edition) and view the Issues tab.

Otherwise, you have to iterate through each branch of each project (in the UI or using the API with the branch parameter).

Ok, thanks.