Script or save user profile to reapply

HI, is it possible to script/save a user profile, modify profile for some testings then reapply the script/saved file toreturn to normal profile or even apply the profile to another sonarqube server?

Hey there.

Can you go into some further detail about what user profile modifications you want to make?

i have a user with admin privileges, need to remove this and assign him access to only 3 projects, test this when test finshes, I reapply the script or import to go back to admin privileges. I know that we can create a temporary user and removed but this is not what is requested

You could surely use the Web API (check the documentation in the footer of your instance) to script something like this (using the api/permissions domain of web services)…

and… we generally expect one-off permission changes like this to happen in the UI.

Ok so there is no inside SQ a script language or import/export function. I will check the APis as you mentioned. Thanks for your help