Scheduling Code Analysis and send report in mail

(Ponnukumar) #1

Hi All,
Our organisation having code in github repo. We are looking for Scheduling Code Analysis automatically and send report to configured mails in the Sonar Cloud tool. Can some please help on, Is this options available in Sonar Cloud.

(Fabrice Bellingard) #2

If you’re on GitHub, please start from the documentation page for it and follow the steps to activate analysis with Travis CI. Once this is done, every user who registered to some notifications on their SonarCloud account will receive them.

(Ponnukumar) #3

Thank you Fabrice Bellingard

(Ponnukumar) #4

Hi Fabrice,
My git hub code path is “”. I integrated this with SonarCloud and for Analysis with Traveis CI (
The build getting passed in Travis but when I see the Sonar Cloud dashboard it displaing This project is empty message and also no issues are shown. Can you please help me is there any configuration or something I’m missing.