SonarCloud: Some github PRs never run the code analysis job

Template for a good bug report, formatted with Markdown:

  • versions used (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
    SonarCloud, GitHub, sonarsource/sonarcloud-github-action@master
  • error observed (wrap logs/code around triple quote ``` for proper formatting)
    PullRequest’s action never provides code analysis data
  • steps to reproduce
    Push branch to GitHub
    Wait a bit
    Create a pull request from the branch
    SonarCloud analysis never runs for that pull request - it only shows as a branch not as a PR in SonarCloud.
  • working theory
    There is some sort of timing issue related to the branch being analyzed and the pull request being created.
  • potential workaround
    Currently using hakimio/sonarcloud-github-action@9e1b3369fbc00366b00b456eee6d662ea9ecd5a1 to avoid running code analysis on all pushes - we now run on push to master and on pull request creation. We have not encountered the issue since making this change.
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