Scanning Linux C++ code on a Windows Server

Hello folks,

ca. 30% of our C++ source code is being developped in Linux (with Eclipse, gcc and make) for Linux. This is done in a Virtual Machine, that we cannot connect to the network.
The other code is Windows. So we’ve installed SonarQube on our Windows Server.

Is there a good way to scan my Linux-based C++ source code using Sonar Qube’s scanner on a Windows Server?
If so, where would I run the Build-Wrapper - when building in Linux or on Windows?

I’ve tried installing MinGW, but gcc wasn’t able to compile the source code, due to differences of the two operating systems and libraries. But all I want is the static code analysis of SonarQube anyway.

Do you have any ideas how to set up SonarQube for such a scenario?

Hi @VolkerSubat,

only if you can build it on Windows.

You must analyze on the same machine/OS layer of the build (and the build is wrapped by build-wrapper).

Wouldn’t it be easier to give network access to the linux virtual machine?

In order to have a good analysis we must access system headers and third party dependencies headers during the analysis, hence it requires to have the build and the analysis in the same environment.

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Having read your post, I think it would be easier, yes. I need to talk to IT-Security about that, though. :roll_eyes:
Thank you anyway! :slightly_smiling_face: Your input was very helpful.

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